The Real Poop (aka Moose Sightings!!)


I love, love, love fall (it is the best season, do not try to convince me otherwise) but living where we do, about 70 miles south of the Canadian border in rural eastern Washington, fall has the amazing added bonus of being the start of MOOSE SEASON!

(Ok, it’s probably not called Moose Season. It’s probably not called anything. Or if it is, it’s something like the Annual Migratory Blah Blah Blah. Whatever.) It’s that time of year where the amazing, epic creature returns to roam the land and freak us the fuck out every single time we see one. (They’re HUGE. I am equal parts enamored and terrified of them.)

Here at Moose Poop Acres, the return of the moose is the most wonderful time of the year. (cue festive tunes)

A few days ago Bradley and Gavin went for a hike through our woods and noticed some fresh moose poop. (Yay!)

Then yesterday we were sitting at the table eating dinner (and by that, I mean setting a timer while dangling treats to convince our spawn to shove some food down their gullets before we grow old and gray, for the love of god and all that is holy) and all of a sudden our dog started freaking out. Hackles up, growling, barking. I looked outside and there was a massive bull moose casually drinking from our pond.


Holy cow was he gorgeous. We shut the dog inside and gathered on the back deck to gaze at him in awe. I snapped a few sub-par shots on my iPhone, while Bradley managed to locate his Nikon.

The kids and I stayed safely up on the deck while Bradley slowly crept down towards the pond snapping dozens of pictures. He stayed at that pond for an amazingly long time (the moose, not Bradley) – he musta been hella thirsty. After a while, he finally turned and trotted off for the evening.

RAM_8765RAM_8770RAM_8771RAM_8773I don’t know what it is about these animals but I am just completely fascinated by them. Maybe it’s their size, or the fact that they’re so elusive and seem to just magically appear out of thin air when we least expect it. Maybe it’s their adorable droopy lips.

I also have a healthy fear of them and know for a fact that they could easily trample me if they so desired. So to have them so close to the house is always a little nerve-wracking. But I am awe-struck by them.

So last night was magical and amazing.

Then this morning, in an effort to kill time while our house was being shown (again, for the bajillionth time) we took Gavin to a park in the city.

THERE WERE MOOSE THERE!!! In the middle of the freaking city, just like nothing was going on.

Sadly, Bradley did not have his Nikon handy so all I have all my blurry iPhone photos, but it was incredible. A large cow and her two calves, casually relaxing in the middle of a park in Spokane.


I couldn’t believe it. BONUS MOOSE!

Bradley called Fish and Game to let them know the moose were there, in case they needed to be escorted to a safer area (there are two busy intersections on either side of this park and too many insane redneck drivers for comfort – I could not bear to see one of these animals hit, although they would likely do some serious damage to any vehicle).

Eventually mama and the calves got up and slowly sauntered out of the park. It was too surreal.


As you can tell, it’s been an exciting few days out here in Moose Poop Land. I hope the mama Moose from the park makes it safely to a less congested area – what the heck she was doing in downtown Spokane I suppose we will never know.

But I am still tingling with the excitement of seeing not one but four of these amazing creatures in the span of two days. And I hope there are many more close encounters to come.

4 thoughts on “The Real Poop (aka Moose Sightings!!)

  1. All I can say is “WOW”, I am green with envy that you have been that close to a wild Moose. Then in a park downtown!! Hope Mum and her babies made it to safer grounds than the middle of a city. XXxx

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