A Good Weekend

When you have littles, “the weekend” takes on a completely different meaning.

Back in my single days (or dating days), “the weekend” meant a break from work, the option to sleep in, meeting up with friends, mimosa brunches, paddling on the river, bike rides, snowshoeing, whatever the season offered. It was dreamy. Weekends ruled.

Weekends are still nice, but they are very different now. Weekends are our chance to hang out at home, spend some more time with the kids (they are in preschool during the week and we are both at work), maybe squeeze in some projects, run errands, *maybe* take a hike or go to the lake if there is time. But weekends are a lot less relaxing these days, and there is definitely not the option of sleeping in (seriously, who wakes up at 5 a.m. unless you’re going to the airport? Preschoolers, that’s who).

But this past weekend was a particularly nice one. There were very few meltdowns / tantrums / hysterics, the weather was damn near perfect, and we managed to be productive and have fun.

I usually start Saturday mornings with a homemade pancake breakfast, mainly as a counterpoint to the hurry-hurry-rush-and-gulp-down-some-cereal Monday through Friday routine.


There is something about pancakes that is just so comforting, and the kids ALWAYS are in the mood for them, so they’re a staple in our house. I am, by default, a healthy-whole-grains girl, but lately I’ve been making this recipe Fluffy Pancakes – Allrecipes  which I love because it turns out perfectly every time, and they really are light and delicious. I usually make a double batch and throw some in the freezer for weekday pancake emergencies (they double as a super-fast dinner option, paired with some scrambled eggs – not the most nutritious, but not the least either).

After being fortified with breakfast, we set out on a very busy day Saturday – Gavin was occupied with his artwork, and then set himself on several house-cleaning projects (completely self-motivated – I have no idea how I got so lucky). He thought scrubbing the front steps and washing windows were super-fun activities, and I did not do anything to dissuade him.


That’s me grinning in the reflection – his willingness to help out makes me SO PROUD

Sunday morning we had some down time and took the kids to see the new Toy Story movie at the theater (I am using the phrase “down time” loosely here – any time my daughter is around, there really is no such thing as down time, and true to her nature, she spent the entire movie wiggling, bouncing, asking for snacks, requesting beverages, dancing – you get the picture. It’s exhausting. She’s lucky she’s so cute.)

So cute. So naughty.

Sunday afternoon the kids occupied themselves with marbles, forts, and a wide assortment of made up games, which gave me and Bradley a chance to start on some much-needed home improvements.

I started refinishing a lovely but abused patio set, and Bradley started on some deck repairs.

I love, love, love home improvement projects, but it’s challenging to find time to work on them since the kids aren’t old enough to help and we are usually taking turns keeping them occupied. But for whatever reason, they were all about the self-directed play on Sunday (perhaps inspired by Toy Story? I have no idea, but if so, I need to write a thank you letter to the producers) and we got some solid work in.


Sunday night, the kids were bushed and went to bed early, and B and I got to sit by a fire, drink beer, and roast hotdogs in peace. It was amazing. A gentle rain had fallen in the afternoon and everything just felt clean, renewed, and peaceful. My body was tired but my soul was refreshed and that’s always an amazing feeling.

It was a really good weekend. I’ll take more of those, please.

Me and Bear taking a quick breather on the front porch.


3 thoughts on “A Good Weekend

  1. It sounds wonderful! I’m glad you got some time to enjoy doing things that you needed to do. And yay for self-direct play!! Cheers friend!

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