A Good Day

I started writing this post a few days ago, and got distracted (by kids, laundry, dishes, chickens . . . the dog? I really can’t remember) – which is kind of nice because what started out as one really good day stretched into a whole long weekend of good days, and now I get to express gratitude for all of them.

This past weekend – a three-day weekend thanks to the Memorial Day holiday – was full of those elusive, blissful, perfectly pleasant, completely enjoyable days where family, food, fresh air and friendship all come together in harmony and create beautiful, memorable experiences.

I love this view.

The weather was perfection – mid-seventies to low-eighties and sunny, with a permanent slight breeze.

The kids were like 90% in “normal human” mode (as opposed to “completely manic” mode), which is always awesome, and as we cruised into weekend mode, everything just felt fresh, clean, exciting and new.

Day One was spent at a local park, followed by ice cream cones at the nearest restaurant (it’s not fancy but my kids don’t care) and then running in the sprinkler / chasing bugs in the afternoon. In the evening, I  opened all the doors and windows to let the breeze run through the house, turned on my favorite Spotify station, opened a bottle of Cabernet, and baked a homemade vegetable lasagna. I can’t remember the last time I had a chance to make lasagna. Some serious comfort eats right there!

Little Miss Thang at Bear Lake Park
Veggie prep
I’m drooling just thinking about this again!

Day Two we scouted out a local lake, which proved to be beautiful, peaceful and relaxing (which is saying a lot since I spent my time there with two small children under the age of 5) while daddy worked in the garden all day, tilling up the rest of our massive garden plot and racing against time to get all of our starts planted, fertilized and watered (I look forward to the day we can all do this as a family but right now, while the kids are small, it’s much easier to divide and conquer rather than try to look after them and get anything done). We cranked up the smoker for a pork loin and some ribs (I’m not much of a pork eater but anything in the smoker is guaranteed delicious and this was no exception) and enjoyed the sunset from our deck while our exhausted, water-logged children watched the Incredibles for the one-millionth time.

Loon Lake – beautiful beach, cute little “resort” where the kids got corndogs, and a perfectly calm lake where they swam their asses off for four hours straight. Awesome.
Granite Point Park, Loon Lake, WA
This little water baby had a blast swimming with her big brother all day.

Day Three (just the fact that there was a Day Three is blissful in itself) we spent hanging out around the house, playing in the pond, feeding the chickens, puttering in the garden, and enjoying the company of our neighbors who came over for some crazy kid time and a cookout.

Feeding Cheerios to the chickens. They got some leftover hotdogs after the cookout, too. They were pretty stoked about that.
First iris of the year – dozens more popped today!

I am grateful for these lazy, breezy, wonderful early days of summer – grateful to spend them with my family, grateful to spend them in this beautiful part of the country we call home.

I’ll take more good days like this, any day.




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