The Beauty of It All

So here’s the thing: life is hard sometimes.

Parenting is hard. Relationships are hard. Just getting out of bed in the morning and facing the mountain of chores, bills, responsibilities – hard.

But. There is this beauty underneath it all. In spite of it all. Or maybe (just maybe), because of it all.

Even on the shittiest of days, when you and your partner are fighting and your kids are screaming that you’re a “poopy butt” (the worst imaginable insult in their tiny worlds), when the piles of laundry won’t stop coming, the to-do list keeps getting longer and the bank account keeps getting smaller; basically, when it seems like everything is just a giant pile of poop, we still get to experience this incredible existence on this amazing planet.

(I mean, LOOK at this place!)

And the hard times, they’re just one. small. part. of it all.

I live here. How lucky is that?



If you have tough days (I’m assuming that exactly 100% of us do), what gets you through them? Do you have an unwavering source of sanity? For me, it’s nature, trees. I get lost in them, and I find myself in them.

12 thoughts on “The Beauty of It All

    1. Yes! Agreed – the ocean is so healing. I miss living near the coast (we were in Portland OR for 11 years and could hop on over to the coast whenever we wanted) but now that we are inland I try to make it to the lakes and rivers around here. Not quite the same but water definitely has healing properties!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Trees, nature, PNW air… It does me good too. This winter I have found myself in more of a depressed state than usual. If I drag my butt out of the house and dive into Forest Park, it ALWAYS does me right. Besitos y un abrazo fuerte. ❤

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