5-7-5: Haiku Thursday

I’m starting a tradition for myself (or maybe somebody else is already doing it, and I am just following an established convention – I’m really not sure, but either way, it sounded fun).

Every Thursday I would like to write a haiku. There are many reasons I find this appealing:

  1. It’s short
  2. There is a pre-defined structure, which makes it easier for my brain to quickly fill with content (I enjoy many forms of poetry, but I’m looking for an easy win here)
  3. Refer to point #1

So, every Thursday I will craft a haiku (the standard, Americanized 5-7-5 format, though at some point I may dig deeper and play with other features: NPR: What makes a haiku.  Or not.)

The only requirement is that every Thursday I will create one haiku. Other than that, I have no rules for myself. Maybe it will be in regards to a specific topic, maybe just my current state. Perhaps it will contain irony (see below) and perhaps not.

Here goes:

Thursday, rain at home –
Sad, fat tears rolling down fast
From cloudless grey sky

Do you haiku? Please share!

(And check back next week – perhaps next week’s won’t be so dismal.)


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