Continuous Kombuchaness

I love kombucha. I love its fizzy, tangy awesomeness. Love. It.

I also got sick of spending between $3 and $5 for a bottle of it at the grocery store. So I decided to start brewing my own. (I’m DIY like that. My kitchen is basically an overgrown science experiment with some pots and pans sticking out of it.)

I bought a SCoBY online (from Amazon, because I wasn’t boycotting them at the time) and got to brewing. Sweet black tea + sugar + starter tea and SCoby – I let it sit and waited for the magic to happen.

It was . . . ok. Not great, but ok. A smidge bitter, a tidbit flat. Not the stuff in the store, but totally drinkable.

I kept trying: I let it ferment longer; I tried 2F (a second ferment, where you can flavor it, and where the carbonation has a chance to develop because you capture it in a bottle). Not much noticeable progress.

Then, I tried different tea (you can use any caffeinated tea – or coffee for that matter, if you’re into coffee kombucha, which I am). Turns out, I’m not really a black tea fan. Oolong tea, however, made a delicious kombucha – jasmine green tea was even better.

I was getting close. (It’s so exciting, I know. Can you just feel the probiotic anticipation?)

There was still something missing, though.

Then I heard about continuous brew via a Facebook fermenting group. (Continuous brew being exactly what it sounds like – you extract some of the brewed kombucha but leave enough behind to give the next batch a running start.)

I tried it, and voila! My perfect kombucha was born. It’s naturally lightly effervescent (doesn’t require a 2F or bottling, because who has time for that) and the flavor is much more well rounded and developed than a regular ‘booch brew. (See detailed info/instructions on continuous brew kombucha: Cultures for Health)

My kombucha love skyrocketed to an obsession. It is an obsession that nobody else in the family shares (they love the kefir water I make – my 4 year old would drink it by the gallon if I let him; sometimes I do) and that’s just fine with me.

This is mine.

My SCoBY is trying to escape . . . Fun fact – did you know the SCoBY is not an integral part of the brewing process? It’s a by-product. Now you know!



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